03 - IP - Filing Strategy (6)

01 - Content - General Intellectual Property (5)

  1. a - Michael Ward - IP Strategy 2 Min. Read

    Michael Ward from Morreson Foerester LLP takes you through the differences between trade secrets and patents and different protections one needs in the case of both. He covers patent infringement, trade secret protection, patent categories.

    Credit: Michael R. Ward, Ph.D., J.D.

  2. b - Michael Ward - IP Strategy 23 Min. Read

    There is a lot to consider when building a robust IP strategy. Deciding whether to seek patent protection is a crucial decision for an inventor. Do you know whether your invention is patentable? If so, how do you balance the cost of filing with the breadth of coverage around the world?

    ARPA-E Univeristy hosted Michael Ward, a partner at Morrison Foerster, to address the decision-making process in choosing how to protect an invention. He also discussed the difference between patentability and patent infringement.

    Credit: ARPA-E University

  3. Fenwick - Seven Sins of IP 4 Min. Read

    This guide from Fenwick and West highlights seven mistakes an entrepreneur can make in relation to intellectual property (IP) development and sharing.

    Credit: Rajiv P. Patel

  4. Global IP Filing Costs by Country - Detailed 1 Min. Read

    This file details a breakdown of intellectual property(IP) filing fees for 15 different countries.

  5. Cleantech San Diego - What VCs Want to See in Your Patent Portfolio 1 Min. Read

    Cleantech San Diego and Southern California Energy Innovation Network teamed up with law firm Procopio to provide the cleantech startup community with a series of workshops led by Miku Mehta, a leading patent attorney with energy sector experience.

    Credit: Cleantech San Diego

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02 - Examples - IP Filing Strategy (1)

  1. Halotechnics Patent Portfolio Overview 3 Min. Read

    Halotechnics - This example of patent portfolio shows how to categorize and document all patents held under a given entitity.

    Credit: Halotechnics, Inc.

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