03 - Team Building (15)

01 - Content - Hiring (3)

  1. Ilan Gur - High Hit Rate Hiring 3 Min. Read

    This guide to hiring a great team by Ilan Gur of Cyclotron Road, lays out a set of tips and steps by which to attract, screen, and bring on great team members for your growing startup, while keeping your culture, vision, and quality in mind.

    Credit: Ilan Gur, PhD

  2. Wald Siskens - Learning Engineering Gene Pool 2 Min. Read

    In this document Wald Siskens outlines a methodology by which to weigh the need of an additional hire. He also provides some guidelines on how to go about bringing on new members without giving up quality of the overall team.

    Credit: Wald Siskens

  3. Gene Pool Engineering For Entrepreneurs 1 Min. Read
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02 - Content - Team Culture (8)

  1. KV - People + Development Ground Rules 3 Min. Read

    This set of tips around creating a productive, open, adaptive work exerience with a supportive team by David Weiden puts emphasis on honesty, personal relationships, and flexibility as cornerstones to a healthy work space.

    Credit: David Weiden

  2. Haas - Team Survival Kit 31 Min. Read

    This guide from Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley highlights methods to work with a team

    Credit: The Berkeley MBA

  3. C2M - Team 101 lecture handout 2 Min. Read

    This presentation by the Cleantech to Market(C2M) program higlights a set of tips and guidelines to solve interpersonal and team dynamics issues to have a successful working team.

    Credit: C2M, Haas School of Business

  4. Haas - Problem Finding Problem Solving Toolkit 17 Min. Read

    This guide from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley lays out a problem solving process by which to frame, understand, and develop a solution for a given problem. Specifically, the framework takes a path through (1) understanding the problem, (2) collecting data to uncover relationships, (3) analyzing and synthesizing this data, (4) ideate solutions, and (5) test these solutions.

    Credit: Berkeley Haas School of Business

  5. C2M - Team Contracting Template 1 Min. Read

    This guide, from the Cleantech to Market(C2M) program and class at Haas School of Business, provides relevant questions for team members to answer while establishing a working relationship and team rapport at the startup of a group project.

    Credit: C2M, Haas School of Business

  6. Netflix Team Culture 11 Min. Read

    This presentation higlights the cultural elements that Netflix management sees as valuable within members making up a dynamic, effective organization: Judgement, Communication, Impact, Curiousity, Innovation, Courage, Passion, Honesty, Selflessness

    Credit: Netflix

  7. Ben Horowitz - Why We Prefer Founding CEOs 7 Min. Read

    Ben Horowitz, successful entrepreneur and co-founder and general partner at Andreessen Horowitz explains the philosophy behind the firms most controversial investment strategy, that of preferne for keeping on founding CEOs. Industry wisdom generally indicates that startup CEOs should be replaced with professional CEOs to scale the business after achieving product-market fit, but Horowitz points to numerous historical examples indicating the opposite, and highlights the continuity and strength of vision of founding CEOs to make his point.

    Credit: Ben Horowitz

  8. Lindy Greer - Psychology of Startup Teams 2 Min. Read

    This presentation by Lindy Greer of the Stanford Graduate School of Business focuses on emphasizing the importance of diversity and working with new recruits to maintain your valuable team culture in building your startup team. She also points out pitfalls of hiring such as hiring a homogenous team, and hiring only when you need to fill a gap.

    Credit: Prof. Lindred L. Greer

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03 - Content - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (1)

  1. Kapor Capital - Bias In Venture Capital 1 Min. Read

    This presentation from Kapor Capital helps to increase understanding of the current state of diversity in VC, how unintentional bias can seep into hiring and deal sourcing, practical steps to mitigate individual and firm-level bias, and successful strategies. (c) Kapor Capital 2021: please contact for permission.

    Credit: Kapor Capital

04 - Content - Managing Employees (2)

  1. eShares Team Culture 5 Min. Read

    eShares provides some guidelines and suggestions around how to create an inclusive, productive work culture, with individual suggestions for managing work relationships, including being honest, checking in regularly, and creating an open environment.

    Credit: eShares

  2. What Silicon Valley Can Learn From Bill Walsh's The Score Takes Care of Itself 5 Min. Read

    Sachin Rekhi provides a summary of the book The Score Takes Care of Itself by Bill Walsh, the legendary football coach of the San Francisco 49ers. The book illustrates how to focus on process, rather than outcome, to run successful organizations.

    Credit: Sachin Rekhi

05 - Content - Early Stage Advisors (1)

  1. Founder Institute - Advisor Agreements 2 Min. Read

    The FAST Agreement is used by tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and advisors per year to establish productive working relationships, trading advice and support for a standardized amount of equity.

    Credit: Founder Institute

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