02 - Board of Directors Meetings (5)

01 - Examples - Board Meeting Decks (2)

  1. NextView Board Slide Deck Template 5 Min. Read

    This deck template by NextView provides a guide on what to include in a startup presentation to its board.

    Credit: NextView Ventures

  2. eG Board Meeting Agenda Template 2010 1 Min. Read

    This effective Governance (eG) meeting agenda example provides a general list and order topics to be covered in a board meeting including in-camera session, meeting opening, matter for decision, mattery discussion, matters for noting, and meeting finalization.

    Credit: Effective Governance Pty Ltd

02 - Content - Startup Boards (3)

  1. Samer Hamadeh - What you need to know about startup boards 5 Min. Read

    This colloquially written techCrunch article on the ins and outs of startup boards, gives a basic overview of key considerations for founders starting out. Tips include how to maintain control of your venture at different stages and after funding, and how to navigate managing different stakeholders on your board.

    Credit: Samer Hamadeh Adam Dinow

  2. Sequoia - Board Deck Structure 3 Min. Read

    This guide by Sequoia Capital provides an overview of how to structure a startup deck for the board.

    Credit: Bryan Schreier

  3. O’Melveny & Myers - Role of the Board Observer 3 Min. Read

    High-value perspective on the role of a Board of Directors Observer, including information rights, opportunities to speak up, and best practices for negotiating for observation seats.

    Credit: O'Melveny & Myers

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