02 - Market Sizing + Segmentation (9)

01 - Content - Market Segmentation (5)

  1. Khosla Ventures - Project Rifle 2 Min. Read

    This presentation by Khosla Ventures walks through the RIFLE process, a framework to use concrete data to make crucial business decisions. The resource reviews applications in market strategy analysis, expansion strategy, and financial services segmentation, and includes a real life example.

    Credit: Khosla Ventures

  2. MIT Energy Ventures - Market Segmentation 4 Min. Read

    This lecture from the Energy Ventures class at MIT covers the importance and methodology behind market segmentation and customer discovery using examples like Altaeros, A123, FastCAP, XL Hybrids, and Ambri.

    Credit: MIT

  3. Stanford Energy - Tanguy Chau - Market Segmentation 3 Min. Read

    In this Stanford class lecture, hard tech entrepreneur and venture investor Tanguy Chau talks about the importance of market segmenetation to understanding the segment you are operating in. This helps identify potential customers and partners as you sketch our a business model and narrow a pricing scheme.

    Credit: Tanguy Chau

  4. Wonica - Marketing Requirements for High Tech Start-ups and Business - 2007 55 Min. Read

    This market segmentation and research guide focuses on helping high technology startups, many of whom are B2B businesses, avoid pitfalls related to poor market sizing and customer identification that causes many startups to fail.

    Credit: Dennis Wonica, Ph. D.

  5. Porter's Five Forces Analysis 6 Min. Read

    Porter's Five Forces Framework is a method for analyzing competition of a business.

    Credit: Wikipedia

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02 - Examples - Market Requirements Documents (2)

  1. Cyclotron Road - Market Requirements Document Template 5 Min. Read

    This Market Requirement Document (MRD) template from Cyclotron Road breaks down the required pieces of an MRD into Business Opportunity, Target Market, Target Customer, and Market requirements.

    Credit: Cyclotron Road

  2. MRD Template 5 Min. Read

    This Market Requirement Document (MRD) template breaks down required pieces of an MRD into business opportunity, product strategy, competitive lanscape, market requirements, target market segmentation & priority, and some use cases.

    Credit: [ ]()

03 - Examples - Market Sizing (2)

  1. ARPA-E-EV Drivetrains-Market Analysis 1 Min. Read

    This example of a market deep dive in the EV Drivetrain space provides a look at key players, including OEMs, Tier 1 suppiers, and startups, across the supplychain. It also provides a component map, and an analysis of the technology elements and specifications that make up the market-defined differentiators.

    Credit: ARPA-E University

  2. ARPA-E-Wind Turbine Generators-Market Analysis 1 Min. Read

    This deep drive market assesssment into the Wind Turbine reviews the relative value of improvements across the nacelle, tower and blades, assebly, and final product, and concludes that importvement in the drivetrain such that maintenance is reduced, is a key value in the market. THe assessment also shows that large players dominate all the parts of the value chain.

    Credit: ARPA-E University

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