01 - Customer Discovery (5)

01 - Content - I-Corps Customer Discovery (5)

  1. I-Corps - Best Practices Customer Discovery 4 Min. Read

    This presentation, based on the Lean Startup approach, goes through best practices of customer discovery methods and interviews, emphasizing listening to your customer's viewpoint and problems, rather than pushing your vision and solution.

    Credit: ICorps

  2. ARPAE University - ICorps Customer Discovery 1 Min. Read

    An informative discussion about the I-Corps process and its value to researchers. ARPA-E Program Director and Senior Commercialization Advisor Dr. Ilan Gur moderates this session featuring first-hand accounts by Dr. Babu DasGupta, NSF I-Corps Program Officer, and Dr. Jonathan Fay, Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan's Center for Entrepreneurship.

    Credit: ARPA-E University

  3. Steve Blank - ARPAE Tech To Market 11 Min. Read

    This presentation by Steve Blank, the thought leader behind the Lean Startup approach, walks through the pitfalls of developing a buisness as startup, and specifically higlights how startup operations and purpose differ tfrom those of a large coproration in that startups are searching for a new business model while corporations are executing known plans. The deck also includes a range of exmaples from a hardtech startup to corporate initiatives.

    Credit: Steve Blank

  4. I-Corps Customer Discovery Videos 1 Min. Read

    These Lean Launchpad video lectures cover the importance, value, and methodology of customer discovery.

    Credit: Lean Launchpad Customer Discovery

  5. Dave Danielson - Best Practices for Customer Discovery 1 Min. Read

    This presentation by Stanford Precourt Energy Scholar and managing director at Breakthrough Energy Ventures, David Danielson, provides information gathering from potential customers and partners. Topics include: setting up calls, executing interviews, closing, and common failures.

    Credit: Dave Danielson

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