04 - Customer Deck (3)

01 - Examples - Customer Deck (3)

  1. Nest Lab Customer Deck 2013 2 Min. Read

    This presentation by NEST provides a look at their analysis of the market and customer landscpae, with focus on sensitivity around different alternatives and the resulting favorability NEST receives in their studies.

    Credit: Nest Labs

  2. Halotechnics Customer Deck 2015 2 Min. Read

    Halotechnics - In this stage gate presentation for the Shell GameChanger, Halotechnics provides an a fleshed out example of all the information to include in such a review. This information includes overview of progress in the context of overall questions to be answer.

    Credit: Justin Raade, PhD

  3. Cyclotron Road Customer Deck Template 1 Min. Read

    This Cyclotron Road customer presentation template by Ezra Roizen is based on his book 'Magic Box Paradigm: A Framework for Startup Acquisitions' in which he addresses a framework for crafting a presentation and dialogue approach that aims at attracting the right potential acquirers. Find his whole book at the link in the template.

    Credit: Ezra Roizen

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