05 - Corporate Partnerships - Proposal (5)

01 - Content - Corporate Partnership Proposal (1)

  1. Trelys - Strategic Partnering is Hard 1 Min. Read

    This presentation by Jay Kouba provides tips and considerations for startups approaching and assessing potential corporate partners.

    Credit: Jay Kouba

02 - Examples - Corporate Partnership Proposal (4)

  1. Corporate Proposal Template 3 Min. Read

    This example of a proposal for partnership with a corporate on a laser technology lays out all the relevant topics to address when approaching a corporate with an intention to collaborate, including an overview of technology and differenciation, reason for interest in working with the corporate, scope of work with a timeline, and program deliverables with budget.

    Credit: [ ]()

  2. a - Halotechnics GameChangers Proposal Presentation 2013 5 Min. Read

    Halotechnics - This example of a presentation application to the Shell GameChanger program by Halotechnics provides a thorough look at all the factors to address for a compelling application. These factors include technology introduction and differentiation, vision for technology, status and traction of the company, scope of a proposal to work with Shell, a related timeline, deliverables and a budget.

    Credit: Halotechnics, Inc.

  3. b - Halotechnics GameChangers Stage Gate Meeting 6 Min. Read

    Halotechnics - This stage gate review for the Shell GameChanger program by Halotechnics provides an example of the type of information to include in phase checkins over the course of the program. Some of these factors are: questions to be answered, progress towards that goal, detailed analysis of the work done to date, and extraneous general slides.

    Credit: Halotechnics, Inc.

  4. Writing the Grant Proposal 6 Min. Read

    This short guide provides a review of eight basic components of writing a grant proposal as well as details to include.

    Credit: NOAA

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