06 - Corporate Partnerships - JDA (4)

01 - Examples - Corporate Partnership JDA (3)

  1. Form Product Development Agreement 9 Min. Read

    Halotechnics - This example of a product development agreement between start Halotechnics and a corporate partner provides a structure and legal language to allow both partners to enter into a commercial collaboration with the corporation paying the startup NRE fees.

    Credit: Halotechnics

  2. Halotechnics Cooperation Agreement with ABC 32 Min. Read

    Halotechnics - This example of a technology development agreement between startup Halotechnics and a corporate partner provides the legal structure for these two parties to work together on a technology collaboration. The agreement specifies a work schedule with targets, along with a payment schedule and governance of how jointly created intellectual property will be handled.

    Credit: Halotechnics, Inc.

  3. Halotechnics Framework Agreement with XYZ 6 Min. Read

    Halotechnics - This research and development agreement is an example of a general legal framework that communicates an intention for a corporate and a startup Halotechnics to work together on some energy storage technology. Details such as payment schedule, and tasks are not specified in this document.

    Credit: Halotechnics, Inc.

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02 - Content - Negotiation (1)

  1. ARPAE University - Negotiation 6 Min. Read

    In this presentation as part of ARPA-E University, Jeff Weiss from Vantage Partners shares his expertise on using 7 elements (interenst, alternatives, options, legitimacy, commitmments, relationship, and communication) for most effective negotiation. He explores understanding other position, arguing purely on merits, and the tradeoffs in the process.

    Credit: Vantage Partners, LLC

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