03 - Company Building Theory (16)

01- Content - Company Building Theory (16)

  1. MIT Energy Ventures - Prioritizing & Filtering Ideas 1 Min. Read

    This presentation from the Energy Ventures course at MIT helps entrepreneurs isolate feasible ideas from the noise when thinking about launching a new venture. Filtering factors include size and nature of the target market, and timing of the introduction.

    Credit: 15.366 Energy Ventures

  2. MIT Energy Ventures - COCA LTV IRR WACC 3 Min. Read

    This presentation from the Energy Ventures course at MIT helps entrepreneurs assess the effectiveness of their economic operation by looking at COCA (cost of customer acquisition), LTV (life time value of a customer), IRR (Internal Rate of Return), and WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital).

    Credit: 15.366 Energy Ventures

  3. Risk Matrix Presentation 1 Min. Read

    This presentation provides a framework to identify and draw down risk associate with a technology over the course of future milestones. It involves assigning a scaled risk measure to each identified risk and aiming for a targeted lower risk value at each future milestone.

    Credit: Khosla Ventures

  4. C2M Go To Market Presentation 4 Min. Read

    This presentation given in the Cleantech2Market course at UC Berkeley reviews a quick look at factors to consider when putting together a go-to-market strategy and launching a new venture.

    Credit: Flagship Pioneering

  5. C2M Developing Successful Products 2 Min. Read

    This presentation from the Cleantech2Market course at UC Berkeley walks through considerations when thinking about creating a product that successfully matches the perceived market need and how to fine tune this fit over the course of the development process.

    Credit: Energy Institute at Haas

  6. Stanford - Opportunity Assessment 2 Min. Read

    This presentation from the Stanford Technology Venture Formation course walks through key factors to consider when assessing an opportunity to launch a new venture. Factors include the type of venture and the market you are targeting, which can affect sales, development, and funding strategies.

    Credit: Stanford Technology Venture Formation, MS&E 273

  7. Khosla Ventures - Roach Crane Singh - Innovation Iteration Risk Management 1 Min. Read
  8. Peter Thiel - Competition is for Losers 23 Min. Read

    In this lecture at Stanford Peter Thiel addresses his belief that when starting a venture, you should go after total market share i.e. be a monopoly business and in doing so shares his advice on beating out competitors and finding the right market.

    Credit: Peter Thiel

  9. Peter Thiel - Competition Is for Losers 6 Min. Read

    In this Wall Street Journal article Peter Thiel emphasizes the need for startups to strive to be monopoly businesses. While monopoly businesses own an entire market, delivering differentiated value, Thiel argues that those in competitive markets get lost in the low level, iterative back and forth that is market competition. Google is used as an example.

    Credit: Peter Thiel

  10. Thiel Zero To One - Derek Sivers Cliff Notes 6 Min. Read

    Derek Sivers offers a very quick set of key inisghts out of the book by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters, Zero to One. Highlights include the need to target becoming a monopoly business, how propretary technology is at the heart of most such companies these days, and planning out the future of a new venture with macro scale thinking.

    Credit: Derek Sivers

  11. Ries The Lean Startup - Derek Sivers Cliff Notes 1 Min. Read
  12. Notes on "7 Powers: Foundations of Business by Hamilton Helmer" 1 Min. Read

    A worthy read. The author takes many tried and tested ideas, and ties them together in a cohesive manner allowing for a more robust analysis of fascinating case studies, namely Intel.

    Credit: Chris Stoneman

  13. Reinventing Societal Infrastructure with Technology by Vinod Khosla 58 Min. Read

    Renowned investor Vinod Khosla details how technology-driven entrepreneurship can reinvent out society.

    Credit: Vinod Khosla

  14. A few Critical Climate Technology Breakthroughs Multiplied By "Instigators" is desperately needed 8 Min. Read

    Renowned investor Vinod Khosla lays out how the handful of entrepreneurial endevors that could change the climate crisis into societal transformation.

    Credit: Vinod Khosla

  15. Failure As A Tool 1 Min. Read

    Renowned investor Vinod Khosla gives his thoughts on using accepting failure and using it to your advantage in his keynote speech at the 2013 Khosla Ventures Summit.

    Credit: Vinod Khosla

  16. 25 Business Moats That Helped Shape The World's Most Massive Companies 1 Min. Read

    A business moat is a key competitive advantage that sets a company apart from its competitors. From Amazon to Tesla to Starbucks and Coinbase, here is how 25 of the world's biggest companies have built and defended their moat.

    Credit: CB Insights

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