01 - VC Pitch (25)

01 - Content - Telling A Story (11)

  1. Garage Ventures - Perfecting Your Pitch 11 Min. Read

    This guide to fine tuning a good investor pitch by Garage Ventures helps the entrepreneur communicate the unique value his/her product brings to the market. It includes concrete tips to give a compelling investor pitch.

    Credit: Garage Venture Technologies

  2. David Merkoski - Telling Your Story 26 Min. Read

    David Merkoski, Partner and COO at Greentstart, returns to give an update version of his 2012 ARPA-E Summit talk on telling better stories. His presentation features a case study with Greenstart alumni Ridepal, and is followed by Q&A with the webinar audience.

    Credit: David Merkoski

  3. Nancy Duarte - Greatest Communicators 10 Min. Read

    TEDxEast INTERCONNECTIVITY - 11.11.10: -Nancy Duarte- That Resonates with Me!

    Why are some presentations spellbinding and some not? Well, this is the question Nancy Duarte takes on as she shares with the audience the secret of an excellent presentation. In this fascinating talk Nancy Duarte explains the model that she developed for designing transformative presentations. She explains the essential qualities of an excellent presentation by analyzing the speeches of Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs. She reminds us that the only way to spread important ideas is to make sure that one is communicating his or her ideas effectively using strong presentation skills.

    Credit: Nancy Duarte

  4. Andy Raskin - Improving Your Pitch 2 Min. Read

    Andy Raskin takes the reader through five crucial elements that, together, help tell a compelling story in your pitch deck, drawing inspiration from Elon Musk's May 2016 presentation in which Tesla unveiled the Powerwall battery unit.

    Credit: Andy Raskin

  5. Venture Hacks - Pitching Hacks 25 Min. Read

    The entrepreneurs behind Venture Hacks download their know-how and advice into this book, Pitching Hacks. It is an extensive, colloquially-written resource of savvy tips and advice on pitching venture capital investors. The initial chapters focus on the importance of demonstrating traction and getting credible introductions to investors to start the discussion off on the right foot. The books goes on to walk though the crucial elements of effectively communicating your idea, based on your audience, through elevator pitches, and pitch decks.The authors close by suggesting that certain elements like detailed business plans and NDAs are not very effective in reality and propose alternatives. This book offers valuable advice in quick short observations, with specific advice shared by prominent venture and entrepreneurial pundits sprinkled throughout.

    Credit: Venture Hacks

  6. YCombinator - Guide To Demo Day Pitches 10 Min. Read

    This thorough run through of important considerations and elements of demo day presentations by YCombinator helps entrepreneurs leverage the short pitch format to quickly communicate their company's value and relay information that would catch the attention of potential investors. Specific advice focuses on tuning your talking points to your audience, how to structure your presentation and what to include, how to use and design your slides, and some common pitfalls to avoid. This resource also lists some other useful sources.

    Credit: Geoff Ralston

  7. Khan Academy - Pixar Storytelling Series 2 Min. Read

    This Khan Academy series done in collaboration with Pixar animation studios walks through how to tell a good story. The series begins by demonstrating how storytelling is a natural part of how humans communicate and connect. It goes on to demonstrate how to use characters, story structure, visual language to help construct a good story. The last modules focus on teaching the basics of film grammar, to help effectively communicate through film medium. The earlier modules on the value of storytelling in communication are good general resources.

    Credit: Khan Academy

  8. Rob Fitz - The Mom Test 75 Min. Read

    In the Mom Test, entrepreneur Rob Fitz provides an honest guide on how to engage customers savvily and meaningfully in the path of Customer Discovery and Customer Development. The title's namesake example, the 'Mom test' highlights a simple situation of conversing with a prospective customer with the goal of focusing on their pain and perceived solutions, to learn about their process and priorities. The book goes on to highlight questions that provide valuable insights and rather than those that simply encourage your interviewee to reinforce your own beliefs about your market and product.

    Credit: Rob Fitzpatrick

  9. Public Speaking Tip Sheet 1 Min. Read

    This one page tip sheet contains quick bullet points of how to target your talking points, and your delivery to effectively connect with your audience.

  10. Sanjay Wagle - Elements of an Investor Pitch 1 Min. Read

    Elements of an Investor Pitch.

    Credit: Sanjay Wagle, The Lightsmith Group

  11. Breakthrough Energy Ventures - What VCs Are Looking For 1 Min. Read

    What VCs Are Looking For

    Credit: Breakthrough Energy Ventures

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02 - Content - Design Thinking (4)

  1. Stanford d - Design Thinking Method Guide 1 Min. Read

    This presentation by the Institute of Design at Stanford takes you through different methods of creative thinking, brainstorming, engaging your group and audience, and demonstrating and evolving your ideas.

    Credit: Hasso Plattner, Institute of Design at Stanford

  2. Stanford d - Design Thinking Process Mode Guide 8 Min. Read

    This presentation by the Institute of Design at Stanford takes you through the different modes and methods behind the design thinking process.

    Credit:Hasso Plattner, Institute of Design at Stanford

  3. Stanford d - Facilitator's Guide - Redesigning the Gift Giving Experience 6 Min. Read

    This presentation by the Institute of Design at Stanford provides take you through facilitating a group exercise leveraging design thinking, including considerations, tools, and talking points.

    Credit:Hasso Plattner, Institute of Design at Stanford

  4. Stanford d - Design + Entreprenueship 2 Min. Read

    This presentation by the Institute of Design at Stanford walks you through how to use design thinking for an entrepreneur, to understand and iterate the viability of a new venture.

    Credit: Stanford d.school

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03 - Content - Elevator Pitch (1)

  1. Venture Hacks - Elevator Pitch 2 Min. Read

    This Venture Hacks blog post covers the importance of an elevator pitch in getting a follow on meeting and details elements of an effective elevator pitch.

    Credit: Venture Hacks

04 - Examples - Elevator Pitch (2)

  1. Cyclotron Road - Elevator Pitch - Template 1 Min. Read

    This pitch template from Cylotron Road highlights three must-have elements that need to be communicated: pain, product, and customer relatability.

    Credit: Cyclotron Road

  2. Venture Hacks - Elevator Pitch 2 Min. Read

    This Venture Hacks blog post covers the importance of an elevator pitch in getting a follow on meeting and details elements of an effective elevator pitch.

    Credit: Venture Hacks

05 - Examples - Pitch Templates (2)

  1. Cyclotron Road Pitch Deck Template 2017 2 Min. Read

    This pitchdeck template from Cyclotron Road provides an empty presentation with relevant topic slides with guidelines on what information to include in the notes section. Find some populated example slides in the last section.

    Credit: Cyclotron Road

  2. Sequoia - Pitch Deck Structure 1 Min. Read

    This fundraising pitch deck template by Khosla Ventures provides guidelines on what to include in your deck to effectively communicate the value of your venture.

    Credit: Sequoia Capital

06 - Examples - Hard Tech Pitch Decks (1)

  1. Halotechnics Series Seed 2 Min. Read

    Series seed fundraising pitch deck by Halotechnics.

    Credit: Halotechnics, Inc

07 - Examples - Software Pitch Decks Comparisons (2)

  1. AirBnB Series A Deck 2 Min. Read

    This series A fundraising pitch deck by AirBnB provides an example of a growth stage pitch deck by an sharing economy startup. AirBnB enables home and apartment owners to rent out their properties for short period of time.

    Credit: AirBnB

  2. LinkedIn Series B Deck 5 Min. Read

    This series B fundraising pitch deck by LinkedIn provides an example of a growth stage pitch deck by an internet startup. LinkedIn provides an online professional network with related services.

    Credit: LinkedIn

08 - Content - One Pager (2)

  1. Cyclotron Road - Company One-Pagers 3 Min. Read

    This instructional presentation by Cyclotron Road, walks the reader through the elements, and structure of an effective company one pager that will give the recipient a thorough idea of the venture.

    Credit: Cyclotron Road

  2. Cyclotron Road - Company One-Pager Template 2 Min. Read

    This template by Cylotron Road provides a template for a company one pager that can communicate the company's solution, value, technology, and team to the recipient.

    Credit: Cyclotron Road

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