12 - VC Due Diligence (3)

01 - Examples - VC Due Diligence (1)

  1. Due Diligence Memo 5 Min. Read

    This Due Diligence Memo document outlines all the information collected and requested in startup due diligence ahead of investment.

    Credit: [ ]()

02 - Content - YC Series A Checklist (2)

  1. YC Series A Checklist 1 Min. Read

    This checklist is a comprehensive, sectioned list of important documents to have and questions to consider, when your company is approaching a Series A fundraise.

    Credit: Y Combinator

  2. Bloomberg Beta Criteria For Investing 2 Min. Read

    What are our criteria for selecting an investment? Investments we want to make go beyond a checklist of “box ticking” on our non-negotiable requirements (e.g., that we trust the founders). We also look for important indicators that can bias us for or against investing, too. For us to want to invest, the most important single quality: a startup needs the potential to be more than merely great, it needs a shot at the extraordinary. The good news is that to do that, we only look for at least one reason to believe, at whatever stage the company is at, that it can be an outlier...

    Credit: Bloomberg Beta

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