11 - Other Financing Including Charitable (3)

01 - Content - Charitable Investment (2)

  1. ARPAE University - Charitable Investment For Energy Innovation 4 Min. Read

    The presentation for an ARPA-E webinar that covers how charitable investment through organizations like the PRIME Coalition can leverage funds that can have an impact where venture capital, and other types of funding have shied away due to poor alignment in timescales and outcomes. PRIME Coalition aggregates and qualifies hard science cleantech companies looking for investment that would be well suited to philanthropic investment, and then works with its network of philanthropic groups to complete the investment.

    Credit: ARPA-E University

  2. ARPAE University - Charitable Investment For Energy Innovation 24 Min. Read

    This webinar explores a new, potential source of capital for energy technology innovation: charitable investments. Although charitable investments in energy technology companies are still in their infancy, this webinar examines program-related investments (PRIs) and other charitable financing tools that could help support early-stage energy technology entrepreneurs.

    Credit: ARPA-E University

02 - Content - B Corporation (1)

  1. Certified B Corporation Site 2 Min. Read

    B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

    Credit: B Corporation

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