03 - Content - Sources of Capital - Equity v Debt v Revenue (5)

  1. Matthew Nordan - Demystifyng Money 3 Min. Read

    This presentation reviews the different types of financial sources you can draw on when funding a new venture, including equity based funding, revenue, and debt. The author Matthew Nordan takes you through each one, covering the benefits and drawbacks.

    Credit: Matthew M. Nordan

  2. Matthew Nordan - Demystifying Money 21 Min. Read

    Taking technology to the next level means navigating a confusing range of financing options: venture capital, angel investors, government grants, bank loans, and many more. Matthew Nordan explains the different types of capital available to early stage technologists, what each looks for to make an investment decision, and what they want in return.

    Credit: Matthew M. Nordan

  3. Dave Danielson - Energy Startup Funding Landscape 1 Min. Read

    This presentation by Stanford Precourt Energy Scholar and managing director at Breakthrough Energy Ventures, David Danielson, provides a walkthrough of the different forms of funding and support available for energy startups, touching on lab-embedded programs, non-dilutive capital, concessionary capital, strategic/corporate investment, and traditional institutional financial venture capital.

    Credit: David Danielson

  4. New Approaches to Energy Hardware Innovation and Incubation 1 Min. Read

    Energy enterprises differ from traditional business incubators both in their commercialization methodologies and in the combined resources leveraged from founding organizations and partners. This paper provides a general landscape of these innovative programs and begins to identify metrics of success to help quantify the impact of these various approaches.

    Credit: David J. Garfield, Kate E. Moore & Richard Adams

  5. Dave Kirkpatrick - A Forest of Funds 4 Min. Read

    Capital for energy ventures can come in many different forms and structures. This comprehensive list of different sources of energy capital helps define which particular funds and firms are in each space.

    Credit: Dave Kirkpatrick

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